C4 Healthlabs Philosophy

A Natural Lifestyle

With over 25 years of clinical experience, C4 Heathlabs strives to produce natural products where it meets positive health ideas. We believe in quality, safety, consistency, and social responsibility to support the health of our consumers through the use of our natural products. C4 Healthlabs is committed to providing the purest, healthiest, and most ethically–produced CBD product on the market, providing our consumers with a viable key to living the healthiest and most productive life possible.

One of the founders of C4 Heathlabs began using CBD oil with his son as an additional treatment for the symptoms of Autism but found few products that worked. With his 25 years of clinical experience and a masters degrees in herbology and oriental medicine, he began researching CBD and learned that how the hemp was grown and processed significantly impacted the therapeutic results of the CBD. His mission for C4 Heathlabs was to produce and make available to others, a high-quality CBD oil specifically formulated for therapeutic effect.

Our ultra-pure, organic, full spectrum hemp extract CBD oils are made from a Tennessee–grown certified cultivar of Italian fiber hemp, naturally rich in CBD. This variety of hemp responds well to the weather conditions of Tennessee. Grown exclusively on pasture land once grazed by free-range cattle, the soil retains its biological activity, producing truly superior hemp flowers.

Our growers believe that any hemp crop, grown for consumption by people or animals, should be grown without the use of insecticides, herbicides or micro-biocides. Our hemp crops are nourished with the goodness of organic fertilizers and lactose probiotics (raw milk). This dedication to organic farming improves both the quality of our crops and the soil in which it’s grown. This ideal combination of sun, soil and organic fertilizer results in seedless hemp flowers of superb quality.

Each day our growers inspect the hemp trichomes with a microscope to gauge their maturation. Our naturally–farmed, organic seedless hemp flowers are harvested by hand, only when they have reached peak maturity.

Once harvested, it’s time for our growers to cure and process our superior, organic seedless hemp, another step in the process that sets our hemp aside from others. Instead of quick-drying, our growers choose to cure the flowers. This method of slow drying increases potency, preserves terpenes — the aromatic compounds that give hemp its unique smell and complex flavor — and allows our cured hemp to be stored for longer periods of time without concern for mold or the loss of cannabinoid content. After the curing process is complete, these seedless buds are quickly stored in airtight containers at a controlled temperature.

Next is the extraction process. Our team investigated several methods, including, Butane, CO2, and Ethanol — all extraction methods used in the industry today in the production of Hemp. Butane is the most common extraction method for many reasons, but is highly combustible (requiring an EPA permit), making it a dangerous method of extraction. Furthermore, butane can be an unfavorable method due to the availability of low cost, low-quality butane that can retain an array of toxins that are harmful to humans. CO2, although safer, has a lengthy purification process, which can take away from the final cannabinoid and terpenoid profile of CBD extracts yielded during CO2 extraction. After several months of testing, our team settled on a two-step process that combines the use of organic Ethanol — because of its effectiveness, efficiency, and safety — and the use of lipids (oils), particularly MCT oil, a derivative of coconut oil, and the most bio-available form of energy. MCT oil is an ideal source of fat that creates energy almost instantly for your body. This 36-hour, proprietary, two-step process produces a superior CBD product that tastes great and works remarkably well.

Finally, after extraction, our CBD oils go through an 18-hour distillation process to further purify our product. Distillation produces pure cannabinoid oils that contain little to no residual flavors or aromas, and it is known to produce CBD oils that are 99% pure and are the cleanest, clearest, and by far the most potent CBD concentrates available on the market. There are very few companies using this process today for several reasons. It’s expensive – the equipment required for distillation does not come cheap, but we felt it was an important investment and one that we made without raising the price of our CBD oils. And distillation is a lengthy process, as noted above.

Although our labs test every batch of our CBD oil for purity and CBD potency, we also send every batch of our full spectrum CBD oil to a 3rd party lab for testing, and for a certificate of analysis (COA). Please visit our contact page to request a copy of our most recent certificate of analysis (COA).