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Civil Servants Savings Programs

C4 Healthlabs is dedicated to supporting those who serve our communities. We are proud to offer a 20% civil servants discount on every order, always.

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C4 Healthlabs is dedicated to producing all-natural, American made products that promote Positive Health.

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Liposomal Vitamins

Together, Vitamin C and the B-Complex Vitamins work synergistically to boost immunity, reduce inflammation and encourage cellular efficiency.

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THC-Free CITRUS 1000mg


I had tried a number of different higher end CBD oils before I happened upon C4Healthlabs. Now I’m a many times repeat customer and will never use a different brand again. Most importantly, this brand works and I think it has the highest quality of pure necessary ingredients without a lot of added things that aren’t needed and just muck up the product and cheapen the quality. Why do I think that? The taste, texture and consistency of the tincture. Secondly, ordering is easy – especially for repeat customers, and delivery is rapid and dependable.”

-Janet M


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