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C4 Healthlabs Philosophy

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Promoting Positive Health

C4 Healthlabs is committed to producing pure, healthy and ethically-produced CBD and wellness products that promote Positive Health and provide our consumers with a viable key to living healthy, productive lives.

C4 Healthlabs was founded by a team of health professionals and advocates dedicated to helping others actively participate in their wellness. Established as an answer to our founders' search for high-quality CBD, C4 Healthlabs is dedicated to offering products and resources that are reliable, consistent and safe. C4 Healthlabs CBD oils and vitamin supplements are 100% organic, lab-tested and formulated for the highest therapeutic effect. We create products that we would give to our families - because we do.


Founded for Family

One of the founders of C4 Healthlabs began researching CBD oil as an additional treatment for the symptoms of Autism for his son. When he found few products that worked, and minimal resources to assist him with decision making, he realized there was a major void in the market for those seeking to make informed and confident decisions regarding CBD.

With more than 25 years of clinical experience, and a master's degree in herbology and oriental medicine, he began researching cannabidiol as a therapeutic agent. An intensive study showed that CBD oil quality was truly dependent upon the health and handling of the plant, from seed to processing. His mission for C4 Healthlabs was to produce and make available to others a high-quality CBD oil specifically formulated for therapeutic effect.

C4 Healthlabs has grown to include additional wellness supplements, including Liposomal vitamins, and its community includes thousands of members across the world who are dedicated to taking their health into their own hands.

We look forward to welcoming you to C4 Healthlabs and look forward to helping you lay our own path toward wellness.

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