Topical CBD is a popular product among individuals who are looking for relief from skin conditions and muscle soreness or pain. For most, the interest comes from the notion that topical CBD can be applied directly to areas of issue. If you’ve ever wondered if it can help you, or how topical CBD works, let us explain a little more about how CBD reaches targeted areas when applied directly to the skin. 

How topical CBD works

As we know, CBD displays effectiveness because it activates the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the main regulatory system in our bodies responsible for maintaining human health. The ECS can be found throughout the entire body, as it regulates our immune, digestive, and nervous systems. There are two main receptors within the ECS: CB1 and CB2. CB2 receptors are regulatory molecules within the ECS and can be found within the peripheral nervous system, influencing pain and inflammation. CB2 receptors are strongly affected by CBD and are the target when it comes to therapeutic results from topical CBD application. 

Topical CBD works by penetrating the dermal and subdermal skin layers to reach the above mentioned CB2 receptors. From there, CBD influences these receptors to create and distribute more of the body’s own cannabinoids, or endocannabinoids. By naturally stimulating endocannabinoid production, issues such as inflammation, irritation, and pain can be reduced.

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How to use topical CBD

Topical CBD comes in several forms, including lotions, balms, patches, and oils. There are even bath salts (and bath bombs) on the market that deliver CBD once infused into water. C4 Healthlabs offers a CBD lotion, and also recommends using its NATURAL CBD oils as a topical solution.

Because topical CBD absorbs directly into the area of issue, its active mechanisms work directly in that area. So, apply the CBD lotion or oil liberally to the area you wish to benefit. The oil will absorb and, dependent upon the severity of the issue, produce effects within 1-24 hours. Apply as needed.