There are multiple things to consider when shopping for CBD. Today’s post reviews three topics to keep in mind. 


The Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a detailed list of compounds found in a CBD product.  You can easily find or request a COA from the company’s website.  If not, consider this a red flag.  It may mean the company lacks in testing, which could mean a lack of safety or validity.  According to Stephen Phan, founder of Come Back Daily, COAs should include:

  1. The cannabinoid analysis (weight and concentration)
  2. Information on appearance, color, and flavor
  3. The ingredients

We have COAs for our products on the site. Please let us know if you have questions.


Being an informed CBD consumer, it helps to know the source of CBD. It’s important to know where it comes from and how it was extracted. Consumer Reports suggests buying products from U.S. companies due to having stricter regulatory standards. According to “The Essential Guide to CBD,” seek out CBD products grown sustainably within organic standards.

C4 Healthlabs is dedicated to producing pure, organic, and safe CBD oil. To create products that live up to our demands, we test the soils in which our hemp is grown, continually monitor our harvests, and always test our extracts. From soil to seed, oil, and ingredients, our products deliver organic, contaminant-free, and true-to-label ingredients. Our quality and consistency are the results of our methodology. Our CBD oils are made from a Tennessee–grown certified cultivar of Italian fiber hemp, naturally rich in CBD. This variety of hemp responds well to the weather conditions of Tennessee.


Read the labels.  The label should include all ingredients, including cannabinoids and all additives.  These additives are used as preservatives, coloring, flavor, and texture agents.  Also, in accordance with, it is best to avoid “hemp extract” or “hemp oil.” Similar to when you are looking at food ingredients on a package, if the ingredients list is very long and full of words that you cannot pronounce, it’s better to keep looking!