Greenville, SC – C4 Healthlabs, a South Carolina-based firm that produces organic CBD oil and wellness products, is proud to announce that it has expanded its CBD savings programs to assist its growing community with achieving positive health. The company now offers two tiers of recurring savings, 10 percent and 20 percent, to those who qualify within nine categories. 


C4 Healthlabs offers a 20% discount on CBD oils to members of the military and their family; first responders; medical professionals; educators; and students. Further, C4 Healthlabs offers a 10% discount on CBD oils to union members, commercial drivers license holders, non-profit employees, senior citizens and those who qualify as disadvantaged, which includes individuals who live on low incomes, are receiving unemployment benefits, and who are disabled. Additional details on the programs can be found at C4 Healthlabs Savings Programs. Once an individual qualifies for the program, savings will be recurring without the need to re-qualify for future orders. 


C4 Healthlabs partnered with VerifyPass to validate those who wish to participate in the savings program. Interested individuals submit qualifying documentation to the verification platform that immediately deletes all files upon approval or disapproval. The process to qualify is simple, secure, and fast.


C4 Healthlabs expanded its savings programs on October 23, 2020. To date, over 650 people have signed up to save on their purchases.


About C4 Healthlabs

C4 Healthlabs is a Greenville, South Carolina based producer of organic CBD oils and wellness products that are formulated for therapeutic effect. Founded by a team of health professionals and advocates, the company is dedicated to helping individuals actively participate in their wellness. With a focus on offering products and resources that are reliable, consistent, and safe, all of C4 Healthlabs oils and products are third-party tested for purity, safety, and efficacy. We create products that we would give to our families – because we do. To learn more about C4 Healthlabs, please visit