Need to Lose Weight? Need to Gain Weight? Studies show that CBD may help with both!


Studies suggest that CBD can be very effective in aiding in weight loss. Unlike THC, which can cause a spike in appetite, the munchies, CBD may suppress appetite cravings. CBD may also aid in fat browning. According to, “Fat browning is the process of turning white fat(storing) to brown fat(burning.)”  Simply, CBD may aid in accelerating fat burning.  Finally, studies show CBD has been an effective tool in dealing with stress and anxiety, both of which may lead to excessive overeating as a coping mechanism.


Studies also suggest that CBD may also help in weight gain.  Not everyone has an extra 10 lbs. they need to lose. Many people struggle to keep weight on.  Those that have recovered from or are currently fighting an illness, or those that have struggled with eating disorders. One of the biggest reasons people tend to struggle with eating is pain.  When you hurt, you are very unlikely to have a large appetite.  According to, “Studies have found that CBD to be an effective pain reliever for various chronic conditions.” As pain in the body decreases, the appetite may increase, which can contribute to consuming more calories daily.