If you are one to log your miles every week, you might also be one to ice a swollen knee, favor a tired ankle, or add heat to a hip from time to time. Old injuries have a way of becoming persistent aches as time marches on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find relief. Runners’ injuries are typically the results of overused muscles, tendons, and connective tissues, resulting in inflammation over time. This means CBD can assist with many issues that typically plague runners’ bodies. Further, CBD can offer preventative benefits, enhancing performance and avoiding fatigue that causes injury in the first place.

CBD for runners: an enhancement tool

CBD works with the body to find equilibrium. In this regard, the compound can bring the body back from lags: boosting energy, increasing stamina, and sharpening focus. 

CBD for energy: CBD is known to produce an energizing effect on the body when taken during daytime hours. Consuming CBD one hour before a run can promote wakefulness and boost energy levels.

CBD for enhanced stamina: By stabilizing the release of energy and producing an analgesic effect, CBD can help runners perform longer and push themselves further.

CBD for focus: Because CBD can lower stress and anxiety levels, it serves as a tool for increasing focus on the trail or track. A relaxed state of mind provides an optimal condition for mental clarity and improved concentration. 

CBD for post-run recovery

While CBD can help improve a runner’s performance, it can also help the body recover. General fatigue and injury are no strangers to runners. Topical and consumable CBD can help lessen the pain and speed recovery.

CBD for muscle recovery: CBD can help the recovery process by reducing inflammation, optimizing muscle repair and growth, and even improving sleep.

CBD for muscle inflammation: The anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD have been discussed far and wide, and can be applied to traditional runners’ injuries. Helping to lower inflammation reduces muscle swelling, weakness, and pain.

Improved sleep quality: Muscle repair happens during sleep. As CBD is a known sleep facilitator when taken in the evenings, it ultimately helps the body recover from bodily stress and injury.

CBD for pain relief: CBD provides a natural alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), which carry risks when used during endurance exercise. 

C4 Healthlabs CBD for runners

C4 Healthlabs CBD has received years of positive reviews touting its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and stress-reducing/sleep-encouraging properties. Runners may most enjoy the sublingual application of CBD via CBD tincture for ease and convenience, and to help with energy, focus, and sleep. Further, they may enjoy the direct application options of the CBD Muscle Gel to address inflammation and pain.