Promoting Positive Health with Liposomal Vitamin C and Liposomal B-Complex.

What are Liposomes?

Liposomal encapsulation consists of microscopic healthy fat particles called “liposomes” which are made up of phospholipids that allow water-soluble vitamins and minerals, nutrients, and bio-active compounds to be delivered through the bloodstream in small amounts down to intracellular level. The liposomal encapsulation process overcomes cellular absorption barriers by enabling vitamins and other compounds to pass through the digestive system intact, without being affected by the digestive juices, and deliver nutrients more effectively through the bloodstream into the cells where they are needed most. This method of ingestion can increase by 100-fold the intracellular delivery of water-soluble supplements such as Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Curcumin (the biologically active polyphenolic compound found in turmeric) and CoQ10. Liposomal supplements such as liposomal vitamin C and B-complex offer a unique and powerful delivery system for ultra-efficient absorption into the cells. Made from natural phospholipids, the “fat body” carrying agents are bio-compatible and non-toxic, protecting therapeutic molecules and vitamins from breakdown in the digestive system before delivering them to target cells for absorption.

Liposomal nutraceuticals offer many benefits. These include:

  • Supplements in a liposomal state are forced into absorption
  • The fat coating or body of the liposomal nutrients protects the nutrients against the harsh environment of the digestive system
  • Increased oral absorption
  • Increased absorption into cells, increasing therapeutic response to the nutrients
  • Liposomes can be formulated to hold both water-soluble and fat-soluble nutrients

Although many liposomal products claim improved bioavailability, few are able to truly deliver the increased absorption these formulations can offer. With sophisticated, well-designed, lipid delivery systems, the bioavailability, absorption and cellular uptake of many natural substances can be dramatically enhanced. C4 Healthlabs uses non-soy Lecithin to encapsulate its supplements and deliver extremely powerful results. A side benefit to the use of phosphatidylcholine, which composes the membrane of lipid nanoparticles, is added nourishment of the lipid membranes of cells: the component can be used for cellular repair.

Liposomal Vitamin C and CBD: A Strong Combination

C4 Healthlabs Liposomal Vitamin C
C4 Healthlabs Liposomal Vitamin C

Vitamin C protects cells against oxidation and free radical formation
Vitamin C promotes healthy skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels—and any other connective tissue
Vitamin C boosts overall immune response and aids in the creation of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine
Vitamin C is a key element in the biosynthesis of L-carnitine, responsible for metabolic energy

Cannabidiol and liposomal vitamin C make for a very powerful duo. Vitamin C is also water-soluble, meaning it needs to be replenished every day. Our Liposomal Vitamin C with Bioperene and B12 is a daily supplement that delivers active ingredients straight to their target cells without being compromised by the body’s digestive system. The formulation includes complementary vitamins and extracts that boost absorption and facilitates activation of Vitamins B and C. Bioprene (black pepper extract) is known for its ability to enhance nutrient absorption. L-arginine, once ingested, is converted into a chemical called nitric oxide, which allows blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow. The compound also stimulates the release of insulin and other substances in the body.

Each bottle of C4 Healthlabs Liposomal Vitamin C with Bioperine contains 8 fluid ounces (48 servings) of liquid. Each serving contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C and 1,000 mcg of Vitamin B12.

Adding Liposomal B- Complex to your CBD regimen

C4 Healthlabs Liposomal Vitamin B Complex
C4 Healthlabs Liposomal Vitamin B Complex

C4 Healthlabs’ Liposomal B-Complex is a supplement that provides a person with a complete B complex in a highly absorbable liposomal formulation. Our formulation includes: Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12, as well as Methyl folate, Biotin and L-Carnitine Tartrate. The B complex vitamins are essential to maintaining healthy cardiovascular, nervous, immune, musculoskelatal, and energy systems, among others. We need vitamin B2, B3, and also B5 in our diets to break down the food we eat into natural energy our bodies can use. Getting enough vitamin B6 is needed because it’s involved in over 100 enzyme reactions in the body’s cells. These include aiding the body in metabolizing amino acids from our diet and building new red blood cells. Vitamins B6 and B12 can reduce levels of homocysteine, a toxic amino acid that has been linked with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Methyl folate, or folic acid is needed to form healthy cells, particularly red blood cells. Biotin (also part of the Vitamin B family) helps convert certain nutrients into energy. It also contributes to healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Suspended in liposomal formulation, the C4 Healthlabs formulation increases energy and memory, supports the nervous system and immune system, and assists in full-body health. Adding this to a wellness regimen could aid a person in fighting nervous system disorders, and increasing attention and energy levels.

Our product comes in a convenient two-ounce spray bottle that allows for sublingual spray and ingestion. We recommend administering the spray throughout the day for consistent blood levels and sustainable all-day energy. The 2-oz bottle contains 30 servings that include 1,000 mcg of Vitamin B12, 28.2 mg of B Complex vitamins, 400 mcg of folic acid, 30 mcg of Biotin and 80 mcg of L-Carnitine.