When searching for CBD, there are typically two types of products you will find: full spectrum and THC-free. Full spectrum CBD means the oil extracted from the hemp plant contains all the cannabinoids found within that particular plant – and can include up to 0.3% of the psychoactive element tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC-free means exactly what it says. The product contains zero THC within its cannabinoid makeup. The category of THC free CBD can be broken down into two more defined products: CBD isolate and broad-spectrum extracts.

C4 Healthlabs CBD oils are tested for purity and potency.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is cannabidiol solely on its own. It has been processed in a matter that results in 0 additional cannabinoids and minimal to no terpenes. CBD isolate is often procured from full-spectrum hemp extract using a process called chromatography.

Isolating Cannabinoids through Chromatography

In short, the chromatography process consists of moving hemp extract through a silicon-dioxide-based media to separate the cannabinoids. Each hemp compound has a different degree of attraction with the media, meaning some pass through faster than others. Therefore, individual compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) can be extracted from this blend based on their movement. Between THC and CBD, THC elutes from the mixture first, because it contains only one alcohol group as opposed to CBD, which contains two alcohol groups and holds to the medium better/longer. CBD can be extracted next, based on the known time it takes to move through the solution. This process can be performed multiple times to achieve maximum purity. 

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Once the medium contains only CBD it is then heated to eliminate all liquids, leaving behind pure CBD isolated crystals. The crystal distillate is then blended with a carrier oil. C4 Healthlabs uses organic MCT oil, just as it does for its full-spectrum blends.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in a particular plant’s extraction, minus the THC. Meaning, broad spectrum CBD oil may contain cannabidiol (CBD), CBG, CBC and CBN, among other cannabinoids and terpenes. The only part of the plant’s matter it no longer contains is THC. 

The process to create broad spectrum CBD is similar to creating CBD isolate. The only difference is that the medium used to distill the cannabinoids bonds with THC stronger than the other cannabinoids, meaning a broad spectrum oil passes through the medium while the THC is left behind.  

Does THC Free CBD Work?

Yes. THC Free CBD absolutely delivers the sought-after benefits of CBD oil. 

Benefits of 0 THC CBD

While full-spectrum CBD is traditionally known as a better performing solution because of the way the cannabinoids enhance the performance of each other, isolated CBD is not without merits. All of the sought-after properties of CBD are still present within the compound when it is presented alone. CBD isolate, or THC-free CBD, is a popular option for many individuals, for many reasons. 

Many people choose THC-free CBD simply because they do not want to ingest THC. Some people may find that trace amounts of the compound do affect their mental state, or react with other medications. Others choose THC-free products because of employment regulations. While full-spectrum CBD is legally required to contain less than .3% THC, that small percentage of the cannabinoid may still show up on a drug screen. If your employer requires drug tests, it is best to avoid full-spectrum CBD oil and opt for an oil with zero THC.

C4 Healthlabs THC Free CBD

C4 Healthlabs began its search for a high-quality THC Free CBD to address the requests of civil servants who were searching for a viable alternative to full spectrum oils. After more than a year of searching and analyzing options, C4 Healthlabs now offers an American farmed and produced THC-Free CBD. By sourcing the highest quality CBD isolate for our formulations, C4 Healthlabs is able to ensure quality, purity and consistency of its THC-Free CBD oils. C4 Healthlabs offers THC-Free CBD oils, in NATURAL and CITRUS, as well as a Soothing Mint lotion. The isolate’s Certificate of Analysis, which depicts the product’s purity and strength, can be found within each product listing.

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