Inflammation is the body’s process of protecting itself from things trying to harm it. This may be infections, injuries, or toxins. However, this inflammation can cause fatigue, pain, anxiety, and weight gain/loss. Inflammation can also be caused by stress, lack of quality sleep, and a diet high in processed foods. According to, “evidence suggests that CBD may
offer anti-inflammatory benefits when it’s used orally or topically.” CBD can be good for fighting inflammation because it is a powerful antioxidant.

A 2020 study at Mississippi State University reported that CBD’s anti-inflammatory action may provide a host of health benefits, including reducing inflammation in the brain and lungs. In
people with epilepsy, for example, it may reduce seizure severity and recovery time due to the reduction of inflammation in the brain.

According to, “CBD helps reduce inflammation in the joints, particularly when osteoarthritis is involved. A 2017 study found that not only does CBD help
reduce pain, it may also aide in the prevention of nerve damage.” In addition, CBD and the CB2 receptor both reduce the inflammatory immune response. Suppressing the immune system
may not sound like a benefit. However, for the millions suffering from lupus, arthritis, or multiple sclerosis, the immune system PROMOTES disease. In these cases, immune system
suppression may have a real healing benefit.

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