When researching the benefits of full spectrum CBD, the term entourage effect often comes up, referenced as the lead reason why an individual would prefer the whole plant extract over an isolate such as THC-free CBD oil. But what is the entourage effect, exactly? Read on to learn more about the theory and considered benefits of consuming full spectrum CBD oils to enlist the entourage effect. 


What is the Entourage Effect? 

The Entourage Effect is the concept that all compounds found within a specific cannabis plant work together to increase the therapeutic potential of each cannabinoid and terpene within the plant’s matrix. In simpler terms, the concept states that the “whole plant” extract produces greater benefits than single plant isolates. So, CBD (cannabidiol) works better when paired with its originally extracted paired cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. And the same can be said for the other cannabinoids: CBG performs better when allowed to “work” with its original cannabinoid profile partners.  In simplest terms: they work better together.  

When it comes to soliciting the Entourage Effect through CBD oil, the effect can be achieved through consuming multi-cannabinoid oils, such as full-spectrum or broad spectrum CBD. 

full spectrum cbd vs broad spectrum cbd diagram

What is Full Spectrum CBD? 

Full spectrum CBD is a “whole plant” extract, meaning it contains the full profile of cannabinoids within the hemp plant. Full spectrum CBD oil is created through extraction and distillation techniques that allow the plant’s composition of cannabinoids to remain intact. The final result is a concentrate that is high in cannabidiol, and containing additional terpenes such as CBN, CBG, and THC. It is believed that THC, even in minor amounts, plays a significant role in further activating, or enhancing, the benefits of CBD.

The terpene profile for our full spectrum oils can be found within the products’ COAs (Certificates of Analysis). These can be found within each product listing. Further, our extraction and distillation processes are outlined in our blog: How is CBD Oil Made? 


What is Broad Spectrum CBD? 

Broad Spectrum CBD is a product that contains cannabidiol and other cannabinoids – but does not contain THC. This allows the user to receive the benefits of an almost “whole plant” extract, while avoiding any consumption of THC. In order to create a broad spectrum solution, the extraction process becomes more complex, requiring the producer to extract singular cannabinoids through chromatography, and then mix them back together again. 

C4 Healthlabs does not carry broad spectrum CBD oils. We prefer to offer our community oil extracts we know to be powerful, whether they offer the full benefits of the entourage effect (Full Spectrum) or the powerful benefits of CBD isolate (THC Free). You can learn more about how our THC Free CBD is made in What is THC Free CBD.


How does the entourage effect work?

As we know, the cannabinoids found in hemp have different effects upon, and methods of signaling our bodies. With multiple cannabinoids impacting our different physiological mechanisms, the likelihood of therapeutic effect increases. Think of it as working an issue from all angles: While CBD is influencing CB2 receptors, THC is binding with CB1 receptors. Both are working to help the Endocannabinoid System find equilibrium. This multi-cannabinoid approach is believed to help achieve therapeutic effects more efficiently and effectively. 


Which products will help me achieve the Entourage Effect?

All of our full spectrum CBD products offer the whole plant extract. Our Full Spectrum CBD oils, chocolate, gummies, and lip balm are considered full spectrum, offering the entire plant’s cannabinoid profile within its original extract. If you are new to consuming CBD oil, please visit our CBD dosing guide